Concert Review: Trey Songz Live In Auckland

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As I arrived, the crowd was already packing in to Logan Campbell Centre. Swiss was on stage accompanied by DJ 09 & Syah Folau.

Swiss used the whole stage well and performed with a passion and good energy which he seemed to bounce off Syah. You could almost assume Swiss was the headliner. He performed quite a few of his own tracks including ‘Where do we go?’ Which the crowd sang back to him and seemed to catch him by surprise.

He also did a compilation of a few covers. The crowd loved it. It was definitely a nostalgic throwback for me, hearing classics like ‘Unpredictable’ by Jamie Foxx and ‘You got it bad’ by Usher.

The crowd was just having a great time and there was just positive vibes all around. DJ 09 kept the crowd going in between sets. I enjoyed his set because it was a mix of more nostalgic tracks and some great recent releases. It’s also kept the crowds energy up which is actually nice compared to the usual silence and movement in between sets.

But eventually the music went over the speakers and his setup was wheeled away. The stage then went dark. Eventually all the lights went out and visuals came over the screen. The first visual is the cover of his album ‘Trigga Reloaded’. The cover zoomed closer and closer in to the image of Trey before switching visuals to the word TRIGGA blazoned across the screen. His 4-piece band then kicked off the instrumental and Mr Trey Songz made his way out. The screams from the crowd erupted so loudly and all you could see was a sea of phones. The crowd were clearly very excited to see him for the first time, in person.

He didn’t waste any time and came out and got stuck straight into ‘Na Na’. The whole room seemed to light up with energy and it got crazy really quickly. The room was packed to the edges, even people upstairs standing in the aisles and on top of chairs to get a glimpse. It was hot but no one seemed to care with their drinks in hand.

Trey moved back and fourth across the stage and interacted with the crowd whether it was the front row or even the front edges of the people in the seats. He even went right to the edges to visit those in wheelchairs in a barrier area on the side. The one thing you continuously saw was a smile on not only his face but his bands face too. They were clearly having as much fun as the crowd was. The visuals changed throughout each song with geometric patterns, water and even the matching music video. Each song even had different coloured lights to accompany them. C02 cannons also shot out during a few of the tracks. This show had been well planned and thought through that’s for sure. The crowd knew what they wanted though with Trey stripping the jacket, eventually leading the crowd to eventually chanting “take it off”.

But Trey knew it and had to let them know “I might take it off but you can’t be thirsty though”. There had been videos of Trey doing a lap dance with girls on stage circulating but this didn’t happen much to the disappointment of some of his female fans who seemed to have come prepared for that moment just in case. Everyone seemed to be having the best time. But that fun had to come to an end at some point and Trey made sure it went off with a bang. Finally the moment all the ladies were waiting for, his shirt came off. As he moved about and flexed, the crowd continuously erupted in screams. But the track ‘Bottoms Up’ was clearly the best way to go out with the crowd rapping along and even Trey throwing in some impromptu lines. As he departed the stage TREMAINE came across the screen and he was gone.

As the lights came on and the crowd departed there were smiles all around. Some people still freaking out over what happened. I’m sure the crowd didn’t want the night to end. Most of them probably headed off to Infinity Nightclub where the official after party was held, allowing people to catch one last glimpse of Trigga Trey.


Na Na
Can’t Help But Wait I Need a Girl Foreign Gotta Go
Invented Sex
Slow Motion
Panty Droppa
Dive In
Can’t Be Friends
Already Taken
Heart Attack
Nobody Else But You
Touchin Lovin
2 Reasons
Say Aah
Bottoms Up

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– Reviewed and Photographed by Shelley Te Haara


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