Get To Know: Brent Faiyaz

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One of the hottest new voices in R&B is heading to New Zealand in January 2019, and right before he becomes everyone’s new favourite, get to know about this sultry singer.

 1. Brent named his band (and solo album) after a tattoo.

The word “sonder” means “the realisation that each random passerby lives a life as vivid and complex as your own,” according to Pigeons And Planes. It’s no surprising that Brent called his album Sonder Son, especially since he had the word tattooed in all-caps over his right eyebrow. “’Is funny ’cause we named the band after the tattoo,” he said, referring to the three-piece he formed with fellow musician/producers Dpat and Atu. “It was all just organic. We all had our own thing going on and we crossed paths and we made something beautiful out of it. I think it’s perfect. It sums up the lifestyle.”


2. He takes inspiration from movies.

I’m super big on [QuentinTarantino films with blood and sh*t like that,” Brent said. “If I’m not making music, I’m watching movies so I can’t really, directly find a way that it affects it but I already know it does.

3. He’s very introspective.

There’s a brain that’s always thinking behind Brent’s eyes. Though he has a few flashy poses on his Instagram, the young singer seems more thoughtful with how he carries himself. That’s probably because he’s always taking in his surroundings and how he interacts with the world. “I’ve always felt like I was observing everything, like I’m just looking out of the window, peeping how everybody is living and just penning about it, so I made the album about that concept.


You can catch Brent Faiyaz live in New Zealand in January. Tour details HERE.



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